The Company recognizes in the principles of quality the instrument that will guarantee a lasting success over time. Based on these principles, it has developed its own company policies.

  1. Attention to the Customer
    2p Automation Project is structuring itself to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification to guarantee an ever greater efficiency and reliability of its organization and initiated the monitoring of Customer satisfaction. The Company believes that lasting success can be achieved if it succeeds in attracting and retaining the trust of Customers and other interested parties on whom it depends. Every aspect of the relationship with the customer must be seen as an opportunity to create greater value for the customer. Understanding the express and implicit needs of the Client and other interested parties contributes to the organization’s lasting success.

  2. Leadership
    Conscious participation and commitment allow the Company to align strategies, policies, processes and resources to achieve its goals.

  3. staff
    The Company is committed to involving people at all levels and to respecting them as individuals, to recognize and increase skills and competences, in the belief that the recognition and growth of knowledge facilitate the commitment of each person to achieve their goals organization. For this reason, the Company prepares a training program with which it plans training interventions based on its quality objectives.
Registered office:
Via Andrea Bafile, 1
66054 VASTO CH
Tel/Fax 0873 346319

Operational headquarters:
C.da bufalara
Tel e Fax +39 0873 346319
2p Automation Project is a qualified reference for the construction, installation, maintenance and assistance of industrial automation systems, recognized for their efficiency and high performance.
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